RaK v2 Hotspots
RaK v2 Hotspots
RaK v2 Hotspots
RaK v2 Hotspots
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RaK v2 Hotspots

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Don't wait for the next halving!  Get the cheapest hotspots from a trusted source TODAY!

These RaK v2 Hotspots are brand new but have already been onboarded pre-solana migration.  The Hotspot ownership will be transferred to you upon confirmation of receipt during a free 1on1 support session. 


No Onboarding - No worries if your hotspot will onboard successfully, post Solana Migration. Because we already did it for you!
Free First Location Assert - No need to pay for the location assert when you setup your hotspot!
Latest Firmware - SD is flashed with the latest software!
Individually QA Tested - Each hotspot is tested before being shipped!
1on1 Support - For 1 week to transfer hotspot ownership and answer any questions you may have!
Trusted Supplier - Buy from a known and trusted source, for Hotspots.  No need to risk on 3rd party auction sites! 

Ready for the next level? Earn more?  Setup Outside!

You can also take your hotspot outside with our NEV-RAH IoT Enclosure!
Preassembled for you, the RaK v2 Hotspot is secured into our NEV-RAH IoT Enclosure and includes our standard PoE Injector/Splitter and Fiz-Tech Antenna.


Once purchased, please allow 2 business days for processing.



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