LMR-240 - N-Type Male to N-Type Female - Various Cable Lengths
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LMR-240 - N-Type Male to N-Type Female - Various Cable Lengths

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LMR-240 - N-Type Male to N-Type Female Cable

This type of cable has connectors that connect to the RAK Outdoor Enclosure (N-Type) to your antenna (N-Type) .

Why LMR-240 instead of LMR-400?  
For shorter cable runs, there is less benefit to using LMR-400.  LMR-400 is also very stiff and can be hard to bend in tight corners.  When you reach 12ft+, then it may become beneficial for LMR-400.

Cable loss calculator here:  https://www.mcgillmicrowave.com/coaxial-cable-calculator/


LMR-240 cable is an ultra Flexible Low Loss Communications Coaxial cable, supplied in any length – manufactured by Times Microwave Systems.

LMR-240 Background

LMR-240 Coaxial cable is a very popular product within the Times Microwave LMR coaxial cable range. The LMR range is recognized globally as the industry standard ultra low loss, flexible, low cost, lightweight, DC – 6GHz coaxial cable solution for many RF applications. This is also backed up by the best warranty and technical support in the business.

Why choose LMR-240?

LMR-240 has excellent reliability, unsurpassed flexibility and ultra low attenuation. The LMR-240 cable has loss figures comparable to the extremely rigid corrugated coaxial cables however manages to achieve similar flexibility to that of high loss RG Cables. LMR-240 is around 40% lower attenuation than competing RG Air-Dielectric type Cables.

How is the LMR-240 low loss figures achieved?

This is achieved due to the cable construction specifications. The center conductor uses a high conductivity, Bare copper clad covered aluminum center conductor material. The dielectric is nitrogen injected, foamed, closed cell, Polyethylene which helps achieve 83% Velocity of Propagation. The Dielectric has a Aluminum foil outer conductor, which is chemically bonded on to it. Due to the cable construction, The attenuation is significantly lower as compared to single shielded coaxial cables.

Outer Jacket

All standard LMR coaxial cable comes with a UV resistant, PE Jacket. This helps to ensure the cable jacket can withstand harsh outside environments and UV rays from sunlight, this is designed to last for up to 20 years of outdoor service.

Frequency Operating Band

LMR-240 is designed to operate excellent from DC – 6GHz. For any frequency band at VHF and above LMR is the obvious choice.

Should you find your RF system operates at above 1GHz, LMR is once again, your best option, as RG cable typically isn’t compatible with any frequency in excess of 1GHz.


 LMR-240 Flexible Low Loss Communications Coaxial Cable is ideal for:
  •  Jumper Assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems
  •  Short Antenna Feeder runs
  • WLL
  • GPS
  • LMR
  • WLAN
  • WISP
  • WiMAX
  • Radio antennas or receivers
  • TVRO
  • Mobile Antennas
  • High gain 4G antennas

Attenuation dB figures per 100m

30 MHz : 4.4dB
50 MHz : 5.7dB
150 MHz : 9.9dB
220 MHz : 12.0dB
450 MHz : 17.3dB
900 MHz : 24.8dB
1500 MHz : 32.4dB
1800 MHz : 35.6dB
2000 MHz: 37.7dB
2500 MHz: 42.4dB
5800 MHz: 66.8dB
8000 MHz: 79.7dB

Temperature range: -40⁰C – +85⁰C 

Inner Conductor: Solid BC (1.42mm)
Dielectric: Foam PE (3.81mm)
Outer conductor: Aluminium tape (3.94mm)
Overall Braid: Tinned copper (4.52mm)
Jacket: Black PE (6.10mm)

Mechanical Specifications

Bend Radius: installation 19.1mm
Bend Radius: repeated 63.5mm
Bending Moment: 0.34Nm
Weight lb/ft  0.05 Kg/M
Tensile Strength  36.3Kg
Flat Plate Crush: 0.36Kg/mm

Part Number LMR®-240
Application Outdoor
Jacket PE
Jacket Color Black
Cable Od (in) 0.240
Cable Od (mm) 6.10
Weight lb/ft 0.034
Weight kg/m 0.05
Operating Temp (F) -40/+185
Operating Temp (C) -40/+85
Bending Moment ft/lb 0.25
Bending moment n-m 0.340
Impedance (Ohm) 50

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