Heltec Helium Mapper Setup

Open device and find your KEYS. 

Push up on the lid from the USB port side. 

When opened, you will see the board, an area for the GPS, and the lora antenna coiled. 

Your Keys will be on a label under the battery (label not shown here though). 


Add device to Helium Network

Go to http://console.helium.com and create an account if you do not already have one.

Click the Devices tab, then the Devices button. 

On the Add New Device page, add the Dev EUI, App EUI, and App Key that is printed on the label from inside the case. By default, random keys are auto-populated, DELETE and override them with your own.  The Name can be anything you choose, but do not make it too personal.  Then click Save Device on the bottom right.

Next, we will need to add a Function that will "Decode" the data from the Heltec device into data that is readable.

 Next label the Function name, select Decoder, and Custom Script.


 Then put the following in the "Custom Script" field; delete the default text that appears:


function Decoder(bytes, port) {
return {
((bytes[0] << 24) | (bytes[1] << 16) | (bytes[2] << 8) | bytes[3]) / 1E7,
((bytes[4] << 24) | (bytes[5] << 16) | (bytes[6] << 8) | bytes[7]) / 1E7,



 Now we will add an Integration, which will forward the data to another location.

We will be adding 2 integrations in total.  One for Mappers and another for Cargo.
First, we will start with Mappers.  For this, we will use "HTTP", so click on that.

The "Endpoint URL" you will use is:
Name your Integration: Mappers Integration, then click "Add Integration".


Next, we will add another Integration.  But this time will be for Cargo.  And you will select the appropriate "Helium Cargo" section and move through the prompt.
Name the Integration "Cargo Integration".
For more information on the integration, see:

The last thing we will need to do on console is virtually connect the device to those integrations.

Click on the "Flows" area on the left side panel.

Next Click on the ( + ) next to the Nodes panel.

Drag and Drop EACH of the above items you created onto the whiteboard below it.
When they are all placed, click on the white bubble area at the end of each area, and draw a flow from the Device, to the Decoder, to the Integration.  

 That is it!  Time to start mapping!


If you need further help, please go to the mappers channel within the Official Helium Discord and @Fizzy