Flat Coaxial Cable - Window Bypass
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Flat Coaxial Cable - Window Bypass

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240mm Flat Coaxial Cable

Simply open your window..
place the flat cable in the frame..
and carefully close the window..
– job done!

Ideal when installing Hotspots in other people’s property,
nobody likes having holes drilled through their
external walls to the outside elements.

NOTE:  After extensive testing.  The quality of the solder point from cable to connector inside the wrap on each end does not hold well against abuse (such as repeated and deliberate bending).  This only pertains to the round NECK of the cable on each end. 
Because of this, I am putting these up as a buy 1 get 1 free (YOU MUST add 2x to cart to get this discount).
These still WORK AS ADVERTISED, just don't go deliberately trying to see where and how far it can bend, like I did, on the tip of each side. 
I do not anticipate I will be restocking these after they are gone I will only be selling the McGill LMR-100 version, which is significantly higher quality, but also 3x more expensive.



Impedance 50 Ohm
 Connector 1 RP SMA male connector
 Connector 2 RP SMA female connector
 Length 240mm length
 VSWR 2.0 Max


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